Netflix Surprises: Firefly

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I was very apprehensive about watching Firefly. Not only because it seemed like a rather cheesy plot line, but because it was so quickly canceled by Fox (after one season). Boy was I wrong to be apprehensive.

Firefly was canceled due to (without rambling on and on) internal managerial issues within Fox. Not because the show was bad. The show is cheesy if you take it too seriously, taking it too seriously is to miss the point.

The show is supposed to be about a group of people basically in a new "wild west," (only this time with spaceships and stuff). The group of characters on the show are on a renegade ship, who sustain functionality of their ship (and eat, etc.) by making money through doing random jobs here and there around the galaxy.

Conflict arises because, in almost every show, things don't always go exactly how they're planned. A lot of action (cheesy gunfire, mostly) occurs, but in my opinion, the witty dialogue makes up for any cheesiness that comes about.

I thought the show was great, and it just goes to show that Fox doesn't have the best marketing research department. If they did, they'd see that they really did have a niche to market this show to (as shown by the immense cult-following the show has picked up since its cancellation).

Either way, you should go out and add this television series (it's just the one season) to your Watch Instantly instant queue. If the first episode seems to be starting off really slowly and cheesy, just shut up and watch another episode. By the time you're done streaming the whole thing, you'll look back and be glad that you did (this is all assuming you like science fiction/sci-fi/syfy/fantasy/whatever, if you're not a fan of anything involving star ships, you should avoid at all costs).

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Too Late said...

One of the problems when they aired it was they showed "The Train Job" first instead of the pilot, so no one really had any idea who these people were. I love Firefly and Serenity now, but at the time, I stopped watching after a couple of episodes.

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