Netflix Disc-free Streaming on Nintendo Wii and PS3 This Week

As of this week, it has been announced that Netflix's Watch Instant service will now be available through the Nintendo Wii and PS3 this week without the use of a disc. Now, customers will have the ability to choose from the wide variety of streaming movies and television shows without having to put in a disc each time. It appears that now, all you have to do is download the application from each console's marketplace.

Along with this, it has been announced that each console's user interface within the Instant Streaming application will be changed and adapted to what will make it easier to use. This includes search functionality and a rise in movies that have an option of being watched with subtitles.

This sounds like good news for everyone, as it can sometimes be annoying to have to put in a disc every time you want to stream movies. We fully expect that this is just the first of many steps to help the streaming capabilities on all consoles improve over time.

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