Netflix Surprises: Astro Boy

With the influx of animated movies around lately, it's beginning to be tough to be able to tell what's what in terms of what's worth watching. I went into Astro Boy having absolutely no prior knowledge of what it could be about, I simply knew that it was animated and based on some old Anime cartoon show.

Then I realized Nicholas Cage was in it after hearing his voice. I will admit, I'm kind of a sucker for Cage. For some reason, even his bad movies aren't that bad to me. In all honesty, it's probably because I loved the movie Adaptation so much (if you haven't seen it, SEE IT NOW).

Astro Boy caught me off guard, because, unlike most of the children-oriented animated movies that have been coming out lately, this one has a plethora of philosophical overtones, being a rather adult movie as a whole.

Granted, we're talking very basic existential philosophy, but still thoughtful nonetheless. I found the movie to be thought-provoking and great. I'm rather amazed at the low ratings the movie's pulling at Rotten Tomatoes (48%!?), for apparently having too much of a political leaning. I honestly think that, in a lot of cases, there are certain people within the media (or simply just, film-reviewers) who think less of something too quickly for it simply having political overtones.

Either way, I didn't see it that way. I saw a coming of age story that was new and refreshing. I loved it.

Click here to watch it!

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